Case Studies


Projects typically range from 3 months to 3 years in duration. Examples:

  • Working with the Sales organization of an established, global high-tech company, manage a multi-year program to design and implement a standardized, streamlined and effective global sales process, supporting metrics, training and systems. Implement in a global organization of over 1000 sales employees and partners.
  • Design and implement multi-year program to manage organizational change for globally dispersed software organization of 800+ people. Develop new organization structure, job descriptions, performance metrics as well as oversee the communications and training activities needed to transition personnel and maximize workforce acceptance.
  • Manage program to redesign and implement a streamlined global supply chain including forecasting, planning, manufacturing and distribution functions within a business unit of a globally dispersed Fortune 100 high-tech company.
  • Guide rapid organizational growth and development for a regional financial services organization expanding from one location and ~40 employees to 4 locations and 250+ employees. Develop a business expansion roadmap including both strategic and tactical components such as evolving corporate vision and strategy, role clarification, creating and launching infrastructure and expansion programs. Develop and execute transition plans for organization and job structures, performance appraisals, employee training, sales and business development processes and metrics.
  • Conduct an operational assessment of mid-sized hospitality organization to provide executives, management and Board members with objective insight into current strengths and challenge areas. Provide recommendations regarding action steps to improve strengths and address challenge areas.
  • Work with a mid-sized regional non-profit organization to analyze relevant data and trends to develop a comprehensive cost model and effective pricing model for products and services offered, resulting in strategic pricing adjustments and implementation of a tiered pricing and discount structures.
  • Train workforce and implement "lean manufacturing" methodology and concepts for industrial equipment manufacturer. Program reduced manufacturing cycle time by 50%.

Executive Coaching

Example situations include:

  • Recently promoted manager / executive working to effectively handle broader span of control and larger organization.
  • Manager / executive having recently taken a lateral move and adjusting to substantially different focus, expectations and structure of new position.
  • Technically excellent manager / executive needing to strengthen interpersonal, relationship and communication skills.
  • Manager / executive wanting to deepen understanding of leadership concepts and effectively apply those concepts to an increasingly strategic leadership role.
  • Manager / executive going through organizational transition (layoff, steep growth curve, M&A, shutdown) wanting to effectively manage organizational change and transition issues within the organization.
  • New manager / executive needing to learn, apply, and deepen management, delegation and prioritization skills.
  • Star individual contributor / manager / executive being groomed for promotion to take on increasingly complex, visible, and impactful roles.

Our client list speaks for itself

Our client list speaks for itself