About Consulting...

“Dorcas has been a key management consultant for my company since 2006 and continues to be a valuable addition to my team. Her insight, advice and efforts have had a significant positive impact on the growth and development of my company. I deeply appreciate her wide range of knowledge and experience, her ability to quickly size-up a situation and see the core issue, plus her willingness to jump in where requested. She’s worked on a wide range of projects for me - strategic issues as well as tactical challenges. She’s good with concepts, with words and with data. She’s very bright but also easy to work with – relaxed yet professional. She helps me (and my staff) see situations from a different perspective, find unexpected benefits and opportunities, and take steps to grow a healthy agile company. She also produces high quality work, usually in the midst of a chaotic business environment with shifting priorities. I recommend her highly and look forward to continuing our work together.”

Kathleen Ryan, CEO, Rose Ryan

“As an Executive Director for a non-profit (and 20+ years leading non-profits) I want consultants who can hit the ground running and provide excellent value in a short amount of time. Dorcas is that kind of consultant, and I’m delighted that she’s been a part of my “team” since 2006. Dorcas has a can-do attitude backed up with lots of experience and expertise. She’s good at strategy and high-level issues, but also skillfully manages the details of implementation. Dorcas has helped me revamp our service offerings and pricing strategy for fee-based services, develop a more cohesive Board of Directors, make tough choices in challenging times, and stay sane through all the ups-and-downs of managing a non-profit in a record down-turning and turbulent economy. She’s also a fantastic meeting facilitator and project manager. My staff and Board members alike love working with her. If, like me, you want your nonprofit to take the best of both the for-profit and non-profit sectors and create a stronger, more resilient organization, hire her and you won’t be disappointed. The value-adds are too numerous to mention!”

Susanne Mulcahy, Executive Director, Youth Science Insitute

“I had the pleasure of working with Dorcas on a multi-year program to implement an ERP in a globally-dispersed software distribution organization within a Fortune 100 company. Not only did she contribute significantly in defining the new business processes, but she was also the program manager for the employee transition / job definition / communication / change management efforts – all of the “people” related aspects of the program. She has deep expertise in this content area from her years in industry. In addition, Dorcas is an excellent and well-rounded program manager – she can define strategy, develop buy-in and motivate teams as well as pay attention to the details, deadlines, and logistics of implementation. She’s a skilled communicator and facilitator, building bridges between teams, functions and countries. An added bonus is that she’s a delight to work with – funny, creative, enthusiastic, bright, collaborative, easy to be around yet still professional and focused on the program and organizational goals. I recommend her highly!”

Dianne Clark, IT Communications and Metrics Manager, NetApp

About Coaching...

"The joyful approach you bring to our sessions truly sets a tone for real self-evaluation. Seeing oneself clearly can be difficult and I appreciate the climate of openness and objectivity you establish. That climate allows both of us to be honest, direct and gentle with one another and that has been fertile soil for my personal and professional growth. THANK YOU!"

"As a entreprenuer, I wanted to find a coach who would match my level of energy and intensity and I found her!  Dorcas has deep expertise to answer most every question I had about planning and launching my business. Dorcas knows when to run with me when I’m on fire and when to help me slow down to re-energize and celebrate.  I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to enthusiastically recommend Dorcas – thank you Dorcas!"

"Your focus, energy, enthusiasm, and challenging approach pushed my learning envelope.  I am much more than I was."

"Dorcas has a natural talent to focus on the uniqueness of her clients and help them to embrace their gifts to make life more meaningful and fulfilling."

About Training...

"Dorcas is an awesome teacher. She's clearly an expert in the field but she makes the material seem very accessible and understandable."

"I really enjoyed her style and humor - also refreshing to have a woman instructor!"

"Her presentation and style helped encourage group involvement. Great at facilitating meaty conversations."

"She's easy to relate to, funny, nice but also committed to my learning and going to the next level in my skill and knowledge."


Our client list speaks for itself

Our client list speaks for itself